Burlesque Grotesque

submitted Jan 20, 2013 for Nordic Game Jam 2013

Burlesque Grotesque

About the game

The game is all about being the first player to reach the finish line, but it isn't going to be easy. The board is randomly made, the board can change, planning is out of the window with all the jumping around the board.

It is great for competing with friends, because while your friends may screw you over, you will be have your revenge in no time. With the board changing every game, no game is like the other and lets you keep playing without too much repetition.


Made by Carsten Buchwald Larsen (carstenblarsen@gmail.com), Anne Juhler Hansen (annejuhlerhansen@hmail.com), Kasper Urban Kajgaard (kukajgaard@hotmail.com) and Jacob Claudius Grooss (jacobgrooss@hotmail.com).

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