submitted Jan 20, 2013 for Nordic Game Jam 2013


About the game

You're a volcano scientist, doing your thing inside a dormant volcano, when suddenly it ERUPTS!
Jump your way out of the volcano for glory and epicness!

You have to aim the leaping scientist away from the rising lava.
Players can rotate the chunk of land the scientist is on to get a better angled leap.

Awards and honours:
- 4:44 award 'Best game made in 4 hours, 44 minutes' awarded by judges Vlambeer and Dennaton
- Voted 2nd place in category "Most fun game", at Nordic Game Jam 2013


Made by:
Jacob Korsgaard - code
Emil Kjæhr - art and fx

apxn - music 'Triple Gear', released under Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA 3.0)
Special thanks to Peter Bruun Rasmussen for moral support during development.

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