Viking Insanity

submitted May 21, 2015

Viking Insanity

About the game

Viking Insanity is a game made for testing Artificial Intelligence for my Bachelor project at Aalborg University. You will be interrupted after two minutes of playing, and asked to follow a link to a quick survey, which I kindly ask you to fill. After completing the survey, you are welcome to play more until you satisfy your thirst for video game violence.


You will play as a Viking among other Vikings fighting in a battle which will end in slaughter. The red Vikings will attack you, so do what you must to survive.

Right click on the menu screen and choose "Go Fullscreen" for a fullscreen view.

Escape - restart game
W, A, D or arrow keys - move forward and rotate left, right
Left mouse button - attack using weapons
Right mouse button - throw weapons
Space bar - pick up weapons from the battle field
Middle mouse button - defend


Horatiu Roman - all except Viking model found online and some of the sounds found online.

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