Rocket Propagulsion

submitted Jul 20, 2014

Rocket Propagulsion

About the game

This is a two player head-to-head game played using a regular deck of cards. Both players start by drawing five cards and a starting player is selected randomly. Each card color corresponds to a different resource; hearts are propaganda/missions, spades are rocket components, diamond is brains (scientists), and clubs are money (it makes more sense in Swedish!).

Players start each turn by drawing a card and playing an action. Actions are

Placing a rocket part face down.
Placing a propaganda card face down.
Attaching a money or brains card face up to a rocket or propaganda card.
Flipping an opponents upside down card to either reveal the rocket card or trash a propaganda card including all attached cards.
Set space goal with a propaganda card placed between the players.
Claim space goal with a finished rocket (see below).
Cash in propaganda (see below).

When the total number of money card value exceeds the value of a propaganda card at the start of a turn, it can be cashed in for victory points.
When the total number of money card value AND brains card value each exceed the value of a rocket part at the beginning of a turn, the rocket part is considered "finished". It can then be used (together with other finished rocket parts) to claim a space goal, the value of which is turned into victory points. Note that this is considered an action and cannot be performed on the same turn as a such a space goal is set or the resources are added to finish the rocket.

Hand limit is 7, if exceeded by the end of a turn players discard half the cards rounded up.

Claimed victory points are set aside and rocket parts cannot be reused. The game ends at the end of the turn when the deck of cards has run out. The player with the most victory points is then the winner!


Jacob Michelsen - Design, testing
Erik Einebrant - Additional design, testing

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