Sneaker Simon: Retro Assassin

submitted Jul 20, 2014

Sneaker Simon: Retro Assassin

About the game

Move with left and right arrows, jump with space, attack with "a". You can jump on walls by holding down the key in the direction of the wall. So if you want to jump on a wall to your left, hold down the left arrow key and press space.

It is a game about Simon who despises retro, he therefore decided to become a Retro Assassin™.
In this game he kills pacman.

I made this game based on the themes "Simon", "Antiretro" and "Sneakers".

Unfortunately I ran out of time before I managed to make the murder as satisfying as I had hoped for, but it is still quite fun, give it a try!

The game is written from scratch in C++ using Allegro5.

Made by Isak Andersson


Daniel Bitslap: Advice and encouragement
Gustav Olsson: Advice and encouragement

Collaboratory: for lending a great location for game jams to NMS.

NMS Arrangers: for being awesome :)

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