Dōbutsu Ball

submitted Jul 20, 2014

Dōbutsu Ball

About the game

The crocodile and the giraffe used to be friends, but then they were captured by humans and forced to do battle in a lovely dodge ball arena. Now they spend their days glaring at each other while competing for the chance to go back to being friends. Mostly they fight, but sometimes they drop their weapons and go in for the hug.

You will probably not be able to play this game on your computer. It was designed to be played on the Bennifer Cabinet ( http://instagram.com/p/qpuW6ZulH6 ).

Made duing No More Sweden 2014.


Ossian Borén - Level design & Graphics
Gustav Olsson - Programming
Kjell Håftén - Graphics, Characters, Food & Junk
Niklas Ström - Soundtrack & Sounds

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