Privy Tycoon

submitted Feb 16, 2014 for Nordic Game Jam: Single player

Privy Tycoon

About the game

The game takes place in a parallel universe, where people never actually got to the idea of having a toilet in their home. So when they feel the need for that private moment (number 2), they rely on you and your company building a network of accessible privies.

But that’s not all! As a capitalist you know well, how to maximize your profit - by running a chain of fast foods, you make people use your privies more often!
There are several kinds of privies you can build - from the basic wood shithole to super sci-fi crap teleporter!

Enjoy this FreeToPlay game that will make you spend all your money and give you pile of crap in return (as usually with Free2Play games)! Balance the growth of both branches of your empire and become the ultimate Privy Tycoon!



Krzysztof Gnutek (Vinyl Pixels)
Robert Podgorski (@blackmoondev)

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