No Privacy In A Bobsled

submitted Feb 16, 2014 for Nordic Game Jam: Multi player

No Privacy In A Bobsled

About the game

This game was created in 40 hours in 2014 at the Nordic Game Jam in Copenhagen. NGJ is the largest competition of its kind in the world with over 500 participants who submitted 110 game entries. The year's theme was "Privacy."

No Privacy In A Bobsled received the following accolades:
NGJ Finalist
2nd Place Overall by audience voting
Most Cooperative Game by a panel of judges
"Not as awkward as I expected" by countless playtesters

The game requires 4 players interacting with 2 dance pads to power and steer a bobsled. The team uses up to 18 of the total 20 inputs at one time between the 2 pads.



Game Designer - Joey Hannes
Artist - Edgaras Benediktavicius
Artist - Daniel Johnsen
Programmer - Mathias Soeholm

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