The Boson

submitted Jul 21, 2013

The Boson

About the game

A deathmatch game for 2-32 players. You steer a ship (controls: left/right) trying to avoid being sucked into what appears to be a black hole or somesuch. Moving in another player's trail will boost your speed, and having someone in your sights long enough will make you lock-on to that player, allowing you to shoot missiles at him/her periodically if you manage to maintain the lock-on.
Missiles will merely make players bump around a bit, and you can also ram them. You only die if you fall into the black hole or crash into the edges of the screen.

When you die, you become a ghost ship hellbent on revenge! You can then move around, trying to annoy/kill players.


Daniel Brynolf (Oxeye game studio) Programming&design
Erik Rönnblom Art&design
Karl Flodin The awesome music!

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