PPS - Pixel Person Shooter

submitted Jul 21, 2013

PPS - Pixel Person Shooter

About the game

PPS, Pixel Person Shooter, is a 4-player competitive action game styled after old computer games played on CRT.
In this shooting game, besides cool power-ups like a destructive laser beam and a devastating shotgun, players can also pick up the PPS, a power-up that will make the player who picks it up invisible in the map... but with a first person perspective. Coupled with a gun that can destroy the walls, players will have to move quickly and use portals to escape the menace... or destroy him!

This game is meant to be played on the Crime City Arcade cabinet.

Made at No More Sweden 2013.




PPS is a game by Anchel Labena and Andrei Livadariu.

Contact info:
Anchel Labena: anchel@live.com
Andrei Livadariu: livadariu.andrei@gmail.com

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