submitted Jul 21, 2013


About the game

Gibberish is a strange puzzle adventure where you don't know at all what anyone says, including yourself... but fortunately your alphabet is made of just 3 quite ridiculous sounds!
Tapping, tapping and holding and swiping, your creature can utter different sounds, which you can combine to form words.

Drag from your character to any object to ask for its name. Other people might sound a little different from you, even if they are saying the same thing. Watch their mouths!

If you pay close attention, you will be able to work out what those strange creatures says, and solve the puzzles!


Tommaso Checchi - @_tomcc (design, code)
Henrike Lode - @Machineers (design, graphics)
Alberto Venditti - @britmadesign (stupid voices, moral support)
Karl Flodin - @sumprunk (music!)
Simon Gustafson - @Sklettet (graphics advisor and infallible guru)

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