Buddy Builder

submitted Jan 19, 2013 for Nordic Game Jam 2013

Buddy Builder

About the game

You play competitively as an evil (well meaning) doctor that has to slay patients to put together his own "Buddy". Each doctor starts in his own little room. Patients will start running around and you have to slay them - there's a chance that the patients will drop one of the 6 body parts you need. As you try to catch and slay as many patients running around, the doctor in the opposing room will try to do the same. The doctor that first assembles his buddy wins the game. However, during the game random drops will appear. The drops will either benefit the doctor that picks them up or make life harder for the doctor in the other room. Pick up the 'Darkness' and the light will momentarily turn off in the other doctors room, giving you the benefit. The result is a crazy arena-style game where you try to slay as many patients, hope for the right body parts to drop and at the same time indirectly harm the other doctor through various drops.



Robocat http://robo.cat
iRoots http://iroots.dk

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