Smuggler's End

submitted Jul 21, 2013

Smuggler's End

About the game

S - Start/Skip
Left/Right Arrows - Steer the truck-ship
R - Restart the game

Game Concept
A mobile game where you play the part of a smuggler collecting cash to repair their truck-ship. It's a run-and-dodge game where you avoid the laser turrets and mines. You are able to collect cash for repairing parts at the portals after each wave. Think of it as a reverse Tower Defense meets racing game.

Built for mobile platforms and the PC. Made in Unity3D.


Contacts and Licensing Information

Task Forces
Artists: Erik, Jeff, Kunal, Samanta, Torsten
Programming: Jeremy
Sound/Music: Jonathan, Jeff, Torsten
Game Design: Erik, Jeff, Jeremy, Jonathan, Kunal, Samanta, Torsten

Erik Nilsson (—)
Jaffar (Jeff) Salih (—)
Jeremy Tuloup (—)
Jonathan Hansson (—)
Kunal Luthra (—)
Samanta Miszkiel (—)
Torsten Hansson (emails are found in the readme)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported

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