Super Milking Galaxy

submitted Jul 21, 2013

Super Milking Galaxy

About the game

In a new era of colonisation, aliens exploit a planet of cows. The milk rush has started!

Control your alien and milk as many cows as possible!
Pick up cows and put them on the few grass patches of this lonely planet, NMS-13m, so they can graze and grow fat.
Then use your little crawlers to milk the fatty cows! Pump it up those PS Move controllers, alien… it's time for a physical approach!

What do you need:
2 XBox controllers - A or B to lift cows
2 PS Move controllers to milk the cows



Ciro Continisio (@ccontinisio) - Programming
Gualtiero Tabacchi - 3D graphics
Alberto Venditti (@britmadesign) - Sound

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