Pain Game

submitted Jan 19, 2013 for Nordic Game Jam 2013

Pain Game

About the game

Kick a babystroller down a hill and make it crash as fast as possible. Sculpt the ground with your voice to reach breakneck-speed and make insane jumps.

Engine:Home brew.

Microphone controllers:
Start: Scream!
Move Up: Make a high pitched noise.
Move down: Make a low pitched noise.

Hint: For high pitch think opera. For low pitch try to sound disappointed.

Xbox 360 controller (cheat :) )
Left thumb: Move up and down
A: Start

If the download link doesn't work use the direct link:



Simon Chow (Art)
Gustav Ralmark (Programming)
Joel Nilsson (Programming)
Patrik Jarlestam (Sound)
Kasper Skovgaard Kristensen (Programming)

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